About Us

Electronic waste (e-waste) has emerged as a new policy priority around the world. Motivations to address e-waste include rapidly growing waste streams, concern over the environmental fate of heavy metals and other substances in e-waste, and impacts of informal disposal in developing countries.

Policy responses to global e-waste focus on banning international trade in end-of-life electronics, the premise being that e-waste is mainly generated in the developed world and then exported to the developing world.

Sales of electronics have, however, been growing rapidly in developing nations, raising the question of whether problem in developing countries driven by international trade or domestic generation.

Results show that the volume of obsolete PCs generated in developing regions will exceed that of developed regions by 2016-2018. By 2030, the obsolete PCs from developing regions will reach 400-700 million units, far More than from developed regions at 200-300 million units. Future policies to mitigate the impacts of informal recycling should address the domestic situation in developing countries.

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Our Mission

Consumer electronics have become an integral part of both daily life and professional life and is getting revolutionized each day. The significant increase in utilization of electronic devices leads to increase in the generation of electronic waste.

RvzIT is committed to recycling electrical and electronic waste in an eco-efficient manner to minimize negative environmental and health impacts.

Our Objective

We aim to be a leading dynamic recycling organisation with worldwide recognition. Our Objective is to collect assets and raw materials from the corporate sector, all around the globe, and segregate re-usable commodities, refurbish and sell it. Our process increases the lifespan of electronic products whereby we recover precious metals and raw materials that could damage the environment and preserve them for future generation.

Meet the Team

Shaiju Varghese

Founder & CEO

He is a Computer Science Graduate with Cisco & Microsoft Certifications and holds around 20 years of extensive experience in infrastructure management and computer networking. His expertise spans several industries including software development and support, outsourcing services, infrastructure management. He has previously worked with MNC’s like Wipro InfoTech, Gulf Computers LLC, Sutherland Global Services, System Tech.

Patrick Robert

Managing Director – Marketing(Paris, France)

He has over 20 years of experience in marketing field and has helped various MNC’s in designing, creating, and delivering marketing programs to support the growth and expansion of company products and services.

Girish S

Marketing Director

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree and is a seasoned marketing executive specializing in marketing HP & networking products.

Shashidhar Shastry

Technical Manager

He has done Bachelor of Engineering and is also certified from many MNC networking giants. He is enriched with networking domain.

Rajashree S

Environmental Consultant

Has 20 years of extensive experience in Environmental Consulting.