Electronic Recycling

Precious Metal Trading




E-recycling enables us to focus on the proper processing of all electronics and materials that have been evaluated and determined to not have any further reuse value. All sensitive information on data containing devices is guaranteed to be properly destroyed.

When your equipment is brought to our processing facility it is weighed and entered into our inventory management system. The first phase of the electronics recycling process is to sort out any units that can be reused or refurbished. All data stored on equipment to be reused will be destroyed before being reused. Units that are sent for reuse will be tested and refurbished and sold to reuse markets. The electronic equipment that does not get through sorting phase will be sent to the processing area. The electronic equipment will then be de-manufactured and separated into metals, plastics, and glass. The individual components that hold resale value will be harvested and sent for reuse. After de-manufacturing the electronics, all of the components and materials that remain will be processed and sent back into the recycling stream to be used in making new products.

Precious Metal Trading

Precious metals are indispensable in today's industry. They are used in semiconductors, in electronic components for the automotive industry, in LEDs and OLEDs, photovoltaic systems, OLEDs, magnetic data storage, passive components, and many other products. Apart from their important uses in final products, they are also integral to many production processes, for example as catalysts in the chemical or petrochemical industry.

Precious metal recycling involves a wide variety of starting materials. Recovering them likewise requires a wide variety of specialized expertise – and not just technological expertise. Precious metals are found all over the world and must be transported to a recycling partner. The goal is to make them available for reuse in the production process as quickly as possible – preferably even parallel to recycling. Above all, the yield should be maximized and sampling should be trustworthy and transparent.


IT Asset Disposition(ITAD)

Our full array of IT asset disposition solutions meet the needs of many unique businesses while eliminating the complexity and risk from their operations. Managing technology assets through their end-of-life and beyond requires a secure process in order to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with environmental, health, and safety regulations. From recovery to data sanitization, reuse, remarketing and recycling, every step of your ITAD process is completely transparent and 100% auditable.

Re-marketing refurbished equipment maximizes return on investment and minimizes environmental impact. When assessing the resale potential of an IT asset, the age, functionality, appearance and overall condition of the asset is taken into consideration. We work closely with our clients to determine the asset recovery strategy that is most closely aligned to their business objectives. The electronic devices or components that are refurbished can be redeployed at your organisation or re-marketed externally. Also the equipment that no longer has useful life is responsibly recycled.

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